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SNP Heuristics - how to use "Lot Size Strategy"

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Hello experts,

we are using an SNP heuristic (Plng book in weekly buckets) to calculate PReqs from an external suppliers. Right now we apply a periodic lot size of period type = M and number of periods = 1 which results in 1 monthly aggregated PReq. This works okay but we want to place the PReq always at the beginnning or end of the month and not directly at the place where the first undercoverage appears. Therefore we tested the so called "Lot Size Strategy" (APO Material master Tab "Lot Size" --> "Procedure) with values 1 and 2 but with no satisfacory result and even strange behaviour that SNP starts creating weekly PReqs again instead of monthly.

Can somebody help with this - we would like to understand how we can make use of the "Lot Size Strategy" and of the other switch called "Start of Lot Size Grouping". In addition - how does the period factor overlay this control - we are using a Period factor = 0,01 which means the PReq is being placed at a Monday of the weekly buckets.


Thomas Schulze

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Parameters Lot size strategy and Start Lot size Grouping are relevant for demands only. They don't influence the proposal generation (i.e. PReqs).

Consider the following example.

Period Type: M

No. of Periods: 1

Case 1:

Lot Size Strategy: Blank

Start Lot Size Grouping: Blank

Case 2:

Lot Size Strategy: Blank

Start Lot Size Grouping: X

Case 3:

Lot Size Strategy: 1

Start Lot Size Grouping: Blank

Time buckets           W1   W2   W3  W4 W5 W6

Prod X demand          0      5       5    3     4     5

Combined demand(1)  0     13      0     0    9     0

Combined demand(2)  0     17      0     0    0     5

Combined demand(3)  13     0      0     0    9     0

If stock on hand is less than the target stock level, a proposal (i.e. PReq in your case) is generated. The period factor settings influence the start time of the proposal.

To group and place your Preqs either at the beginning or ending of the monthly period, you may either use a different time bucket profile with monthly buckets and appropriate period factor. The other option could be using a macro to group the proposals generated by SNP.


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Hello Rajesh,

tks for the example - that explains it. I assume if I want to control PReq creation within the month I need to change the time bucket profile and use a monthly bucket planning book + the period factor. - that sounds at least easier to steer.



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