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SNP Heuristics does not create Planned order

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I am running SNP Location Heuristics at plant for 10 products and the system is generating planned orders till 8 weeks for all 10 products and after 8 weeks, even thought there is forecast, the system generating planned orders only for 9 of them but leaving out one product. I compared the location product master data and the PPMs ( they are all on the same resource) for the materials that are creating orders and the one that is not getting orders generated. They look exactly the same. All the parameters are same but system creates planned orders for 9 and no orders for the one product.

I noticed that the planning book that we are running SNP location heuristics has buckets in days until 8 weeks and then in weeks.

Also only this material has safety stock method SM defiined with 3 days of safety day's in product master. rest 9 do not have any safety stock method set. I even deleted the safety stock and still no use

The system does not see any requirements beyond week 8 even though there are there. I deleted the released the forecast from DP to see if that works, still no use!

I checked any possible quota rrangements, nothing defined.

Does any body have any suggestions???

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Hi Visu,

Are you using a different resource for the 10th product? if yes check propagation range and check that particular resource, and also can you check the calendar for that resource.