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SNP Business User Manual question

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Hi guru's,

This is my first time doing a user manual for business. I am planning to do SNP user manual and I am confused where to start with and what all I need to do for a user manual.

should I include screen shots for CIF also in user manual? if yes what all should I include? Create, change, activate IM is enough?

If CIf is not required, shoudl I start with

1) how to create a location

2) how to create product master(explain each and every field???)

3) how to create resource

4) how to create ppm?

5) how to convert ppds pmm to snp ppm

6) how to create T-lane

7) navigation through Interactive snp planning book

😎 run heuristics

9) run optimizer

10) run deployment and TLB

11) End

am i in the right path? or please guide me what all should I include in the user manual? Thx a lot for ur help in advance guys.will rep ya for sure..

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Answers (2)

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For end user youdont have to provide CIF details, and how heuristic/optimizer works. but you can provide some info regarding how to take a run in the interactive planning book, and details navigation.

Even how they can enter planned ord directly in apo PB/RRP3 would be a great thing to add in the doc.

And yes, if your user want take simulation run and compare the result, you need to provide those info.



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Frankly speaking the level of detail of the user guide depends on who is your target audience is. If your target audience is the planning community then the level of detail is much higher as compared to if your target audience is at a middle/senior management level.

Similarly if your target audience is the support community then the level of detail of the user guide will be much more in detail.

If your audience is the planning community, I donu2019t think they will be interested in how CIF works. You want to include the basic concept of how and what data is transferred from R/3 and APO.

When I created a user guide, I divided the user guide in 2 sections :

Master Data : Under this head, I explained the concept of CIF, concept of 1way transfer, the master data that automatically gets populated and what doesnu2019t, fields that were relevant to the planning community, its effect on planning and recommended value with the screenshot.

Transacation data : Under this head, I explained how the transaction data gets created, the integration with R/3 and how the transaction data gets created. Under this section I explained, under what sections does what kind of data get created, for example, what kind of receipts would be generated in heuristics, deployment, etc.

Navigation and other tips and tricks, creation of variants, selection id, etc was another section where I explained other features which made the planneru2019s life easy.

I hope above gives some food for thought.

Award points if this was helpful.

Rgds, Sandeep