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SNC Tcodes and User roles

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Hi all,

What are the Roles that we need to define for SNC .

Which all Tcode we need to give it to Business partners.

There will be Snc Customer USER and SNC Supplier USer

What are the Roles that we can define for the Above users.

Accordingly we will have Super USer for SNC maintanence ,like Product master creation, BP Creation ,Transport lane Location creation, for that we need to create a Role .

Can anybody Help me on this Like what all TCodes are there in SNC and what Roles we need to create also which Tcodes need to be assigned .

Thanks a Lot.


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Hi Shailesh,

During my implementation project we have created Z roles (means new roles) and made list of transaction codes from menu and given to Basis.

Whatever roles you will assign to this user will get copied to BP when we create new BP as a person.


Vaibhav Virkud