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in smart forms how to create ahorizantal & vertical lines

can u help me in this

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I am planning to develop smartforms in FI Module for AP & AR. I went and looked into standard forms ,I see only one form(Dunning Form) for FI Module . My question is can anyone tell me how many standard forms are provided for FI Module. If not what is the other alternatvie for missing forms. If some one can reply me ASAP that would be helpful for me.



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I don't think the BOX command will work in smartforms.

any how you can draw vertical and horizontal lines using Template and Table.

for Template First define the Line and divide that into coloumns and goto select patterns and select the required pattern to get the vertical and horizontal lines.

For table, you have to divide the total width of the table into required no.of columns and assign the select pattern to get the vertical and horizontal lines.

if this helps, reward with points.

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In the window output options you have option of check box to get lines.

Then you need to give the spacing for vertical and horizontal.

Another option is putting a template on window and getting the boxes, but it is quite little bit complex.

Put the cursor on the WINDOW in which the lines you want.

Right click on it>create>complex section.

In that select the TEMPLATE radio button.


Name: give some name of line.

From: From coloumn.

To: To coloumn

Height: specify the height of the line.

Next give the coloumn widths.

Like this you can draw the vertical and horzontal lines.


If this helps you reward with points.

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If you want to print the contents of a internal table ,you have a provision in the tables node of the smartform to create pattern of your choice.

pages>windows>tables-->select pattern

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The Table Painter:

The table painter offers the following functions:

Ø Drawing lines and columns

Ø Inserting , cutting , copying and deleting lines

Ø Deleting cells

Ø Changing cell size and moving cell separator lines

Ø Splitting cells

Ø Selecting table patterns



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You can do with BOX commands

/: BOX xpos ypos 0 height

-- Specify width 0 for vertical lines

/: BOX xpos ypos width 0

-- Specify width 0 for horizontal lines

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you could play with template, with table, with draw lines around the window ...

Template will create fixe lines. If you have for example box that will never move in your paper.

Table will create line with different kind of lines, different columns ...

and if you want only to have lines around text, set draw lines around your text (see the tab in the right)



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