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SM/PM Table Connection


Hi SAP Experts,

Good Day!

I am new for SM (Service management) Module and since this is a sub-module, I'm not sure who should I ask for help.

I am now working for an ALV Report mapping with QMEL Table (Service Notification - TCode: IW53) as base table. As one of my requirements, I also need to include the Equipments Details (TCode: IE03) like "Date L.GoodsMvt" (DATLWB) and "Ship-To Party" (PARNR), but I can't find a way to connect the Service Notification and the Equipment details.

I am using a QMEL (for service notification) as my base table and I'm to use EQUI table (for equipment) but can't find a way to connect the 2 tables.

Hope you can help me on this. Thank you in advance!


Michael Reyes

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Hi Michael Angelo Reyes,

You can use table VIQMEL to get QMNUM and EQUNR. The respective QMNUM can be used in QMEL and EQUNR can be used in EQUI.