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Simple Master Data for Global Parameters



So I'm trying to create attributes / master data to store the parameters of a calculation.

Basically, I want to put "Number of Historical Periods", "Periods Offset" & "Multiplier" in a simple MD. For the users to be able to change them manually. I don't want to link these attributes to products or customers as it would be the same value for all possibilities.

So I have create a separate MD with all 3 attributes plus a "ParameterID" as the KEY:





My first attempt was to add this MD to my planning level PERPRODCUST.

I then use the attributes directly in the calculation :


This does not work, the values are not passed throught the Attributes.

I then tried to create them as attribute as KF @CUST or @PERPRODCUST, but they are still empty.

My understanding is I could decide to put the attributes in my Customer master data, but then I would have to maintain de same values 1000 times.

Any suggestions ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


DEar Marc

... a ling way to go ...

FIrst of all, yes you can do that in principle, but:

you need to somehow connect the planning level of the key figurebcalculation with the desired attribute

IN your case, the MD type to which you assigned the attribute has nothing in common with the planning level at all

and no, you dont need to maintain the attribute on the losest level, and no you dont need a kf of type attribute - but integer would be good ( exceot if you need decimals)

you  an either work with virtual MD type, or with some additional planning level and calculation

So, which is the level on which planner sould maintain the valUes? Really only one value over all? Or one by combination of produkctgroup- market, or?

ASsuming it would be productgroup-market, and market would be an attribute of customer, and assuming you have already a compound product-customer, than virtual md-type would help, for detals compare the config guide

WIth that you can maintain your attribute aggregates and assign to the planning area

than you need a plan ing level that includes the group-attribute and the to-be-checked attribute and assign some kf to it

IN this kf you may do a simple assignment of the attribute value on the exact same level. Plus, you create additional planning level calculation to copy down the value to the lowest level by assigning the value and provide an additional kf on the target level in the input parameter, so tjhe rule is fullfilled that the left right of the formula must have all attribute of the legt side filled. Just few days ago there was a thread on that topic, an old one reopened.

THan, in your final kf calculation you can grab the values from the just described kf

SOrry for the many typos, I am typing from smartphone and hence cannot search for the old threads or orother  links

BUt I hope it gives you a general idea

yours, Irmi

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