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Short Term planning do not load product in Interactive planning if value 0

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Hi All,

I have this business scenario, appreciate your inputs.

User plans short term planning for 4 months and has 3000 products in his list. Current process is he has selection profile for all products and goes through each one product and plans. But there are around 1000 products do not have any Demand/forecast in this 4 months duration because of its ordering pattern.

Is there any way to restrict these 1000 products dynamically? It should be dynamic because it may be 1200 products next month.

Please let me know for more details.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I dont understand why the planner is interactively planning for each product.

Anyways based on your question, I would suggest the business to use an identifier for the products which have demand vs the ones which dont.

The reason I am assuming that the products do not have forecast/demand is because they are new products. so when these products are created, you can suggest to use an identifier initially when created.(example: MRP TYPE or some custom field in ECC) or ( Custom field in APO when transferred from ECC to APO)

Once the planner decides to forecast on them, a process can be put in place to assign a different identifier.

This can either be a job which the planner runs by inputting the products into this list or he sends the list of products to the IT ANALYST and he can run a MASSD in the background to change the identifier on these products

Examples of Identifiers: ADMIN TAB--PLANNER FIELDS , EXTRA TAB-custom fields, PROPERTIES TAB-Extra fields.



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Hi Kumar,

Thanks for your inputs.

These are not new products, all are existing past many years. I will give an example with situation.

Product A is ordered only twice in a year ie once in Jan and then may be next order in Dec. User need to spend time weekly/Monthly for this product in Feb, Mar, Apr etc until Nov. Since its loaded in selection ID. User do not want to include these products in his selection to load data in interactive planning.

Like this each product order pattern is different, some are ordered only once in year. These need not to be shown up in selection ID. Showing up these before 3 months is enough to plan, since planning horizon is short term.

Is config availbale to restrict these products? So that user can save time by not visiting these product regularly.

Appreciate your help.



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Hi Sreeni,

This typical problem is faced be every user. We cannot have a direct solution for it.

One way of doing this is while maintaing the cvc you should maintain one indicator flag for short term planning/long term planning if the product is meant for short term planning indicator 'Ind' should be set as ' S' else 'L' or 'N' for new sku. This can be done by the ABAP routine.

You can use formula for the if last 3 month avg sales is 0 and 12 momths avg sales >0 then Ind = 'L' else if 12 mth avg sales=0 Ind='N' else Ind='S'

Accordingly user can select thru selection profile.

But in this condition also user might get a few products which need to be planned for short term. But the number of unplannabe sku will reduce considerably.

Hope this helps




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