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Shelf life in 7.0

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Hi Experts,

We are in SCM7.0. Does SNP considers shelflife in 7.0.

In the scenario, we have a product with shelf life 5 days , Planned order is created today and demand is on 7th day. So Once we run the optimizer it should not use this planned order on 7th as its already expired , but should generate new planned order.

Shelflife planning active in product master.

In optmizier profile we have dispose expired product , Once we set that and running the opt , its considering the stock on hand , instead it should have condered the stock on hand (Shelf Life) .

So all it gives is alerts , but its of no use as optimizer has to be used to generate the results using various alternatives ,and the first option is stock , if it plans using expired stock , all the other options will not be considered.

Do any body implemented shelflife considering the shelflife of demand, planned orders,stock .

Please give how to go about it .



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Answers (2)

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Hi Ballack,

In SCM 7.0, Only SNP optimisation considers and plans shelf life


Both CTM and heuristics does not consider shelf life in 7.0

SNP optimization can consider the shelf life defined in the product master.

The system only uses a firmed receipt for a requirement if the requirements

date is within the shelf life period of the receipt.

The system only creates a new order if this can cover the requirement

within the shelf life period.

SNP optimization does not consider the following data:

Maturation time and required shelf life from the product master

Shelf life data transferred from the SAP R/3 system, for example,

the shelf life data of batches


R. Senthil Mareeswaran.

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I am working on Shelf Life Planning in SNP using CTM. We are using SAP SCM 7.0 where this functionality is available.

I have created a batch class and transferred it to APO along with the characteristics relevant for shelf life planning such as LOBM_APO_SL_MIN, LOBM_APO_SL_MAX, LOBM_APO_SL_UTC.

Shelf Life tabs are activated in Product view and shelf life data is visible for forcased requiremtn, purchase requisitions, planned order (which are created manually).

Planning using CTM without considering the Shelf Life happens perfectly fine. But, when I use "Consider Shelf Life" in CTM's tab strategies, I am not getting any result..

I have tried using SNP PPM, PDS and PP/DS PPM and PDS. But I am not getting any result.

Please let me know what basic settings are missings.



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Shelf life is supported by SCM APO 7.0.

Please visit wiki page on [FAQ - Shelf life|]

Hope you will get your ans.