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Shelf life based ATP check

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We are implementing SAP solution with batch management along with APO GATP module in our APO landscape.

We are having some specific requirements pertaining to batches.

a. Sales order processing

During sales order creation, system should perform the availability check in the APO system considering following fields – Sold-to party, Plant, Order type, Material Group1, Indirect customer [Z customer function]

and shelf life of the batch. Perform ATP check with following criteria –


Example: Sold-to – 10001, Order type – ZOR, Partner – 10032, Material Group1 = MDD, Plant - PL01, Material – MAT1

Stock situation for MAT1 in PL01

Batch - Shelf life - Unrestricted stock

BAT1   200 days  125

BAT5   215 days   075

BAT7   237 days   300

BAT11 322 days   455

BAT19 460 days   500

Total unrestricted stock – 1455

Order quantity = 1200, Minimum Shelf life for confirmation >= 300 days.

It is required that during Sales order creation the system should confirm only those quantities which are meeting above criteria. As per this BAT1, BAT5 and BAT7 and its associated quantities should not be considered.

So the actual ATP quantity should be 955

BAT11 322 days 455

BAT19 460 days 500

So sales order should confirm only 955 quantity against the requirement of 1200 quantity in-spite of having unrestricted stock of 1455 quantities.

Now the most important point is that when the second order comes after complying the above selection criteria it should not confirm any quantity as first order is not fully confirmed.

b.       Back order processing

The filter criteria should include [Some of the fields are send to APO via customization]


Example: Sold-to – 10001, Order type – ZOR, Partner – 10032, Material Group1 = MDD, Plant - PL01, Material – MAT1, Order reason - 005

Sort profile will be based on -

1-Delivery priority

2-Sales Order Creation date

3-Material availability date.

Example: Following BOP work list generated in APO system

SO - Order type - Sold-to - Plant - Ind cust - Product - Del. Priority - Created on - Open Qty

111- ZOR            10001     PL01   10032      MAT1      1                    11.09.2015   375

197  ZOR            10003     PL01   10045      MAT1      1                    14.09.2015   430

449  ZOR             32123    PL01   11111      MAT1      2                    09.09.2015   600

Stock situation before BOP run

Batch - Shelf life - Unrestricted stock

BAT21 200 days   455

BAT75 215 days   045

BAT96 322 days   125

Total unrestricted stock – 625

During BOP run system should allocate the stock as per Minimum Shelf life for confirmation >= 300 days

Expected result from the BOP run is that only order no. 111 should be confirmed, that too for partial confirmation for 125 quantities. As the  BAT21 and BAT75 has the shelf life <300 days.

Requesting you all to give some idea to address these requirements, or if some has faced these requirement then could you please let me know how it has been addressed?

Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

Piyush Ranpura

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Hello I Have the same requirement, any solution for that please?

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Answers (2)

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could you get a solution to the issue?

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Hello Gurus,

Any thoughts or any idea about it?

Thanks & Regards

Piyush Ranpura

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Hi Gurus,

I was thinking of one solution. I don't know whether it is feasible or not. But it is going to address the requirement.

Through a complex enhancement, I am able to eliminate the undesired batches in the APO system. Now ATP quantity is the qualified quantity after applying the shelf life based validation. System is reverting with the validated batches and quantities. I need these batch quantities to be reserved for the given sales order line item. I can attain it if I can have the batch split at sales order line item level. All the confirmation could be reserved. New orders can't take away the confirmation.

But issue is that standard SAP does not allows batch split at the sales order level.

Can anybody help me to get the batch split at the sales order line item level?

Thanks & Regards

Piyush Ranpura

Former Member
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Hello Piyush, we have a similar reqt. Can you pl share how you were able to eliminate the batches not to be considered in gatp at the time or sales order entry? Thanks, Ranga