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Service without Delivery material quantity confirmed even if availability is on a future date

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When setting up material type for digital products (i.e. e-books), our functional team had set it so that the item category group of said materials is "LEIS", with no MRP. Given that digital materials don't really have stock and are of unlimited quantity, I suppose that made sense, but now we're encountering a bit of a problem.

Sometimes digital materials are created wherein the material availability date is set in the future. What they want to happen is in cases such as these, the sales order line item status should not become "C" ("complete"), but should instead be "B", since the material will not be made available until said future date. But we keep seeing the status set to "C", and I suspect that's because even if the material isn't released yet, the quantity it still "confirmed".

I'm sure I could find a way to brute force it as a programmer, but I would rather find a standard solution. Our functional team is rather stumped though. Can anyone suggest which configuration we should be looking at so that we can set our digital materials properly?


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