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Serial number ranges

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Hello all. Recently, the new EPCglobal Gen2 1.30 tag data standard supports alpha numeric number ranges. I am trying to best understand how companies would implement the standard number range. For example, the alpha characters may have a specific meaning such as the product, location, or supplier name codes as examples. Does anyone have their own specific examples of how you would implement a alpha numberic serialized number range?

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How to configure EPC number range at SAP

1. In Customizing for SAP ECC, choose Logistics ->General-> Supply Chain Planning

Interfaces (SCPI) -> Auto-ID Backend Integration ->IDoc Processing ->EPC Serial

Number Range IDocs -> Define EPC Serial Number Ranges.

2 In SAP R/3 4.6C systems as well as in SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7, Extension Set 2.0 systems, you can find this transaction on the SAP Easy Access menu under Logistics -> Central Functions ->Supply Chain Planning Interface -> Auto-ID Backend Integration -> Master Data -> EPC Serial Number Range -> Define

EPC Serial Number Ranges (transaction code AIDNR_MASTER)

And R/3 4.6c and 470 need an add-on patch for Auto-ID backend

How to specify epc number range?

If your country has EPC Standard,just follow it.

If your country has not published RFID standard,just do it yourslef



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I may not have been clear on the question. EPCglobal's standards enable companies to include alpha-numeric serialization. In some cases, companies will use the alpha characters to provide logical meaning. For instance, 'AA' may mean something specific. My questions are - Does anyone know of specific company examples of how 'AA' would be used. What is the logic and how does the company expect it to work?



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