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Sequence dependent lotsize planning in SNP

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Hi All,

I am working in sequence dependent lotsize planning in SNP Optimization for Metal sheets industry ( using single mixed resource ). After running Optimizer, do not have SNP planned order sequence number and block details. Could you please suggest me the process.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Frank,

Thank for your reply.

yes, it has.

I don't use configuration products for block planning, i use classification for routings.

Seems i understood what a problem, my SNP PDS don't have assigned classification as PPDS PDS,

therefore system can not understand characteristic of order.

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Hi All,

i am trying to obtain SNP planned order sequence number and block details and have some problems.

Can you provide me some information about.

Block details can be obtained if only start optimizer with daily time buckets? or i can use weekly time buckets.

What settings do u have in resource and PDS?

My current settings:

Time-Cont. Capacity

Start 00:00:00

End 24:00:00      utilization 100%

Setup Matrix ok

Campaign-Relevant X

SNP Bucket Cap.

Bucket definit - From Cont. Capacity

Cross-Period Act - X

PerLotSize - Sequence-Dependent Lot size planning

SNP PDS has fixed duration 1 Day.

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Hi Alexander,

weekly buckets should also work.


all settings ffrom aove ok

Cross-Period Activity is not set.


can you see the setup group in the acttivity?

Br Frank

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Here is the procedure

SNP PDS with Set-up Group

1. Set-up groups are maintained in ERP and transferred to APO

2. Create material variants in ERP with predefined characteristic value assignments which correspond to block basis definitions characteristic requirements if you want to use block planning in PP/DS later. Otherwise forget about the block definitions and material variants.

3. Create routings (and bill of materials) for material variants in ERP.

4. Assign set-up group to ERP routing operation

Transfer SNP PDS from ERP to APO

Set-up Matrix

1. Create set-up matrix to define set-up costs of changeovers between set-up groups.

2. Set-up groups are defined per PDS.

3. PDS is defined per product variant.

4. Product variant is created per block basis definition characteristic requirement.

->You define costs to change over from one block to another!

->You define a profitable block schedule sequence!

Master Data u2013 Resource

1. Set flag Campaign-Relevant prior to transfer of PDS.

2. Set Sequence-dependent lot size in Cross-Period Lot Size field in SNP Bucket Cap. tab

3. Assign set-up matrix to resource

Optimizer profile settings for sequence dependent lot sizing

1. Flag Discrete Optimization

2. Enter Sequence-dependent schedule e.g. 365 D

Optimizer Cost Profile settings to consider set-up costs

1. Enter set up cost multipler value > 0 e.g. 1

Sequence Number and Block Dates of SNP Planned Orders after Optimization are displayed in second grid

IMG activity Maintain Global SNP Settings

1. Activate SNP Block Calculation

Block proposals can be downloaded to PP/DS block planning in the resource master



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Hi Frank,

Thanks for your information. I will check settings based on your suggession.

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Frank,

I was reading the thread "Sequence dependent lotsize planning in SNP" and found it most interesting, but have some additional questions. We have created our Setup Groups with Control Keys, But when we go to APO and the PDS we do not see them displayed in the PDS. 2ndly We have created a setup Matrix, per the suggestions but are unable to select the corresponding PDS plan for our sequencing with a product.

All data we have read regarding SNP Block Planning suggests that we be using a Single Mixed resource which we are. We have set up all the criteria per the specification supplied, but when it comes to the sequencing we are unable to select the PDS. We can only select a PPM which is not an option.

Please shed lihgt. SCM 7.0 functionality states SNP block Planning with single mixed and must use a PDS, but how?

Many thanks in advance,


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I can only guess what is the problem with your settings.

please check the following:

Settings in SAP ERP

Maintaining Setup Type and Setup Group


1. Access the activity choosing one of the following navigation options:

SAP ECC IMG Menu IMG  Production  Basic Data  Routing  Operation Data Define Setup Type and Setup Group

Transaction Code OP18

Changing Work Center

2. On the Change Work Center, Default screen, in the Setup Type Key field, enter the setup type key

Changing Routing

3. On the Change Routing, Operation Overview screen, double-click the operation for which you want to enter the setup group key, i.e. 0010.

Setup Type Key The setup type key is automatically read from the work center

Enter Setup Group Category created before.

Settings in SAP SCM

Maintaining Setup Group


4. Access the activity choosing one of the following navigation options:

SAP SCM Menu Advanced Planning and Optimization  Master Data  Production Planning Master Data  Setup Group/Matrix  Maintain Setup Group

Transaction Code /SAPAPO/CDPSC6

Maintain the same setup groups as in ERP.

You can also transfer the setup groups from ERP with the integration model.

5. Change resource

enter sequence dependent lot sizing in resource master.

6. retransfer your PDS

1. Access the activity using one of the following navigation options:

SAP ECC menu Logistics  Central Functions  Supply Chain Planning Interface  Core Interface Advanced Planner & Optimizer  Integration Model  Change Transfer  Production Data Structure (PDS)  Transfer Production Data Structure (PDS)

Transaction code CURTO_Create


I hope this helps.

BR Frank