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Separation of stocks for production location in SAP EWM

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Dear Experts,

We use SAP S/4 HANA 1909- Embedded EWM with Basic warehouse management license.

We are going to use advanced production integration with cross order staging and SAP EWM integrated with Non-SAP MES system.

In Warehouse, physically we have 4 areas.

RAW1 - Raw materials Location 1

RAW2 - Raw materials Location 2

PSA1 - PSA for RAW materials 1

PSA2 - PSA for RAW materials 2

Initially we planned to go for one EWM managed storage location in ERP and separate the stocks only in EWM. But as per the current requirement, the business wants to separate the storage locations in ERP to have better visibility for the planners and value-based separation for Finance departments. which means we need to have 4 storage locations in ERP.

RAW1 - Raw materials Location 1 (EWM storage location)

RAW2 - Raw materials Location 2 (EWM storage location)

PSA1 - PSA for RAW materials 1 (EWM storage location or IM location???)

PSA2 - PSA for RAW materials 2 (EWM storage location or IM location???)

We have already decided to go for PMR based production staging and not the delivery-based staging.

As I have read few blogs, the production location (PSA location) should be an IM location and hence need to follow the delivery-based staging.

In this scenario, May I know the PSA locations can be EWM locations? What are the pros and cons of using PSA locations as EWM locations? Also, please help to advise the stock types for the above storage locations.

Thanks and awaiting for your valuable inputs

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Why would the PSA need to be an IM-managed storage location? It can still be in EWM, even in 1 Warehouse number. You need to have 2 EWM Storage types for PSA1 and PSA2, and thru the availability group in the Storage type customizing (and stock type customizing) you can have the stock show up under 2 different IM storage locations.

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Hi Balint Meszaros,

Thank for your inputs. It helps a lot.

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hi, does this work with staging indicator 5 = ewm and PMR?