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SDP Alerts extracts

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Hi Experts,

I have to extract the APO SNP database alerts from table "/SAPAPO/AM_ALERT",  the table shows object ID details and not material & location details.

I have verified the tables MATKEY, LOCMAP, MATLOC  but no luck.

Can you please help in identifying the relation for mapping between object ID with Material & location combination and extraction of data base alerts from table /SAPAPO/AM_AlERT

Thanks in advance.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Ashwin,

the alerts are saved in //AM_ALERT with reference to its selection (ID). Normally it's a generated selection ID which decrypts the alert ID and provides you the filled characteristics. Usually only the characteristics are filled dependent on the aggregation level which has been maintained at batch job level.

Please scan your system for a table with the following name //S00*. Each MPOS has it's own selection table.

regards Peter