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/SCWM/PI_CC_CREATE result to be one Physical Inventory Document containing separate WO

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When executing /SCWM/PI_CC_CREATE the business would like the end result to be one Physical Inventory Document containing separate Warehouse Orders with only one Product in each Warehouse Order. SAP support will not assist so wondering if anyone has experience with the same

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"We have been able to tweak the transaction selection screen to create inactive, individual pid's with one product each, but you have to activate them one at a time to get just one product per warehouse order. The hope is to find a way to automate that last step, preventing manual intervention prior to cycle counting."

OK. So, the "trick" is in the warehouse order, resp. the warehouse order creation rule.

What you have to look at are the limit parameters which you define to limit the size of a WO. You need a limit value set up for "physical inventory". In the most simplest case, you could just use "max. no of items" - that would work if the product is always just in one bin. But that is probably not the case.

Now there is a (new) field in the limit values, "Fld to limit WO size", which enables you to use any field in the WT as limit criteria. Unfortunately, when testing this, it seems not to work when the limit value type is set to "Physical Inventory", at least when I tested it. So this is something you could give SAP Support to look into, because at least the documentation does not say anything about that this would not work (and the field is open for entry, most other fields are not accessible when you select this limit value type). But looking through the list of possible entries, this all seems to refer only to WTs, not PI items.

If this field really does not work, there is a BAdI /SCWM/EX_WHO_LIM_OVERRULE, that you can use to build your own logic.



Hi Juergen, this "Fld to limit WO size" works for PI WOCR quite OK. But the question is if the field is populated from the source to /SCWM/WHO_CREATE. These fields, which can be selected here are actually CHAR fields from /SCWM/ORDIM_O, but in case of physical inventory, there is no WT in play in the WO creation. Therefore the selected field must be populated "on-the-fly" in Badi /SCWM/EX_WHO_DSTGRP. But it works 🙂