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SCM2007 SNC Work Flow

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Hi All,

Can anybody explain me workflow of SNC.

e.g. Initially market demand is forecasted at Customer end.

Then this demand is released to SNC so that supplier- for Purchase Order / Contract Manufacturer - For Work Order can see it. (specifies the total quantity of the products that a supplier is to deliver to the customer in a specific time period).

I mean the steps in which actual execution goes on in SNC.

I appreciate your inputs.



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Answers (2)

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ASNs created in Legacy need to be communicated to SPP. Goods issue (PGI) in Legacy needs to be communicated to SPP. Goods Receipt (for both Supplier ASNs and Non-Revenue Sales Order ASNs) in Legacy needs to be communicated to SPP.

how can I acheive this.

is there any standard FM /IDOC/BAPI/CLASSES exist for this interface.

can you please give some inputs.



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Hi Dinkar ,

you are partly right.Basically there are 3 different processes in SNC

1. PO Collaboration : where PO created in the customer's R/3 is shown to supplier in SNC and supplier can send the confirmations to customers R/3 system.Then supplier creates the ASN in SNC (Advance shipping notification) which once publish from SNC , creates the inbound delivery in customer's R/3 system.Once customer receives good ,he can send the GR status message as POD to SNC (in turn supplier).Supplier can also create the invoice which once published creates the invoice document in customer's R/3 system.The payment status can be communicated to SNC from customer's R/3 system.

2. SA Release Process: It is similar to PO collaboration ,where the schedule lines are published to SNC of the SA.Only exception is schedule line confirmation can not be transferred to R/3.Rest of ASN-->Invoice path is same.

3. SMI (Supplier managed Inventory) : In this process ,customer delegates entire purchasing planning responsibility to supplier and just shares his gross demand and inventory with supplier.Here you deal with gross demands and not net demands as in case of earlier 2 processes.


Nikhil Nalgirkar