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Scheduling IBP processes with Autosys an External job scheduler

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I read your SAP's how to on using an external job scheduler and am totally confused. I wanted to know if anyone has done this already and would be willing to share what they have in place so we can utilize AUTOSYS to schedule SAP processes. but more importantly to determine if the effort is worth it.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is possible to schedule the background jobs in SAP Integrated Business Planning via an external job scheduling tool like Cisco Tidal, CA Autosys, IBM Tivoli, Redwood BPA.

Starting with SAP Integrated Business Planning 1702, and enhanced with SAP Integrated Business Planning 1705, a web service is available which allows to schedule application jobs in SAP Integrated Business Planning by using an external solution. Basically all jobs that can be started also via the Application Jobs app on the SAP Integrated Business Planning WebUI can also be scheduled with this new webservice through an external solution. For example forecasting jobs, copy operator, or HCI tasks.

In the attached PDF documents (download all the attached files) you will find:

  1. Technical background about the web service - the exact API required, the steps for creating a communication arrangement, etc.
  2. How to do basic tests with the web service
  3. Code samples for integrating this into your processes

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