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/SAPAPO/TSCUBE tcode - storage bucket profile issue

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Dear All,

I have sales data in a infocube in Calendar day and Calendar month i.e. time characteristics 0CALDAY and 0CALMONTH are present in infocube.

I have a planning area with a storage bucket profile where weeks and months are ticked which means data is stored in the planning area in weeks.

Now, I am using tcode /SAPAPO/TSCUBE to copy sales data from Infocube to planning area. What I see is that the sales data is disaggregating in the month to all the weeks of that month. For example:

In Infocube, Sales for 9th Feb, 2011 is 20 ST

After executing the tcode /SAPAPO/TSCUBE, data is copied to the planning area as

1st Feb - 6th Feb - 4 ST

7th Feb - 13th Feb - 5 ST

14th Feb - 20th Feb - 5 ST

21st Feb - 27th Feb - 5 ST

28th Feb - 28th Feb - 1 ST

This is not my requirement. I want the data to be copied as

1st Feb - 6th Feb - 0 ST

7th Feb - 13th Feb - 20 ST

14th Feb - 20th Feb - 0 ST

21st Feb - 27th Feb - 0 ST

28th Feb - 28th Feb - 0 ST

Has anybody faced such an issue? Can you suggest a solution?

The time based disaggregation type is P for this time series key figure.

Thanks in advance

Ehsan Ahmed

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Answers (2)

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Hello Ahmed,

I am BW consultant and as per BW if you map the In Infocube to Plannig book This dis aggregation divids the data like Month / No of working days( As per factory calender). This is the reason its spilitting the data and in this you should use the 0CALWEEK in Infocube.

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The solution for this issue is that the infocube should have 0CALWEEK as a time characteristic and the and the storage bucket profile of the planning area should have Week selected so that the data is copied weekwise in the planning area.


Ehsan Ahmed