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SAP Service Asset Manager configuration - which fields allow comma separated SU3 values?

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It seems that some SU3 User parameters allow use of comma separated values when mapped to oMDO filters, while others do not.  For example, using comma separated work center (AGR and VAP) seems to work when downloading Work Orders (configured in WORK_ORDER_GENERIC) but for some of the Plant filters (WRK, IWK) the comma separation does not work.  The Configuration Guide does not identify which ones support multiple values.  Is there another reference document?

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Hello sschuetz,

We are updating the SU3 user parameters to use a comma-separated work center (AGR and VAP), and in the admin panel, we configured the filter handler, but we don't understand what to put in the oMDO filters or parameter ID. Please help us set the parameter ID so we can get multiple work center data to mobile and refer to the attached image.



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