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SAP Query Transport

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Hi Experts,

May I kindly ask for your help.. I need to transport the query I created from Dev to QA. Steps done:

a. Coplied it from Global to Standard

b. Done Export/Import uising program RSAQR3TR

c. Copied objects to a tansportable TR thru se09

d. Transported the workbench containing infoset, query and transaction.

However when viewed in QA, saw nothing. is there a step that I had missed. very much needing your help.

Thanks really. SIncerely,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Ria,

You may want to revisit your steps by referring to the following link below. Hope this helps.



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Hi brav3starr ,

Thanks a lot!

SIncerely, Ria

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