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Hello all,

I want to transfer one product of one client to different client ( same item due to urgency )

ex: I have on FG for A customer , but I need that FG for B customer urgently ( here is a problem I facing that both customer have different packing BOM, but same FG ) now what should I do? I am using sap s/4 hana system.



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Do you have an issue with production of FG A to B or sale order delivery with packing material?

Could you please elaborate the requirement?

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sir, I have a common FG for two clients ( customer ) with different packing BILL OF MATERIAL .How can we issue that FG for other client as an emergency ? I need sap process to issue that FG to urgent client , what will happen to that FG's packing BOM OR Packing MATERIAL from which we have transfer to other client?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You have not answered the above quires in details.

Do you use the packing materials in production BOM?

If yes then you need to create rework order through CO07 assign here FG and old packing material in component with negative quantity and new packing material with positive quantity. So that you will have the inventory for old packing material and system will consume new packaging material and FG will be produced with new packaging material.

Also you can use the Sales BOM will be used normally by SD you can determine the packaging materials there.

Please search in this forum you will get lot of discussion also get in touch with your SD consultant.

Best Regards,


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thanks a lot sir.

sir I have a question regarding your post comment April 03, 2010 at 11:45 AM for """


Please check the base unit of measurable and alternate unit of measurement in material master and there ratio.

The problem may occur if the units in the material master have not been correctly maintained for the material of the component.

If you have not defined the base unit of measure as the smallest unit between base unit of measure and alternative unit of measure, then there are always problems when you convert between these units.

When you determine the requirement quantity, it can happen that a requirements quantity could be determined in unit of entry, however, quantity = 0 is calculated when you convert in the base unit of measure.


Base unit of measure: UN

Alternative UM: M

Conversion rule: 1 UN = 40000 M

Requirement quantity in unit of entry: 10 M

Conversion in base unit of measure: 10 M / 40000 = 0.00025 = 0.000 UN

The creation of components (table RESB) and stock-keeping units (table J_3ABDSI) with requirement quantity in base unit of measure = Zero

Hope clear to you.


what is the solution for this this type of issue....actually I am facing same type of issue here, where I have a packing material with "" BASE UNIT OF MEASURE in RLL ( ROLLS ) & UNIT OF ISSUE in M ( METER ).

Here the conversion is set 1 ROLL = 65 METER, when we going to confirming the production order with CO11N with 0.025 METER , it shows ERROR , WHAT YOU HAVE DESCRIBED EARLIER.

what should I do with this material sir , now? please suggest.

and thanks for my previous question thread.


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