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SAP IBP Real time Master Data combination creation using AWS

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Hello Experts,

We have a use case where in we would like create IBP Master Data using AWS platform(Third party UI). Our users have an AWS interactive platform where they can enter Master Data combinations. This Master Data is validated against HANA database in the backend.Our challenge is how to keep this Master data creation real time? AWS and HANA is already connected hence MD entered online can be saved in HANA database. How can we move that to IBP immediately?

e.g. If Customer Product combinations are generated in AWS platform by User, this creation activity should trigger a process/task/job which will transfer newly created MD combinations automatically from HANA Table to IBP Staging table. i.e. Newly created Customer Product Master data should be available in IBP immediately for Forecast generation.

Do we have any feature in HANA which will trigger automatic transfer of these newly created MD combinations from HANA table to IBP staging table on specific instance(Whenever user creates new combinations in online AWS platform)

Additional points -

- Currently we have a daily job which synchronizes HANA master data with IBP master data.

- We know that we can create MD combinations in IBP Excel add-in. But, due to some business constraints we don't want to utilize that option for users.

Thanks in advance.

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Were you able to accomplish your requirement? If yes, please feel free to share the solution here.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ivan,

We didn't find the solution yet for automatic transfer of MD from HANA to IBP on specific instance. Currently we are using periodic job to bring HANA data to IBP. We would like to reduce frequency of these periodic jobs hence we are still looking for a solution.



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