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SAP IBP Process Management - SAP JAM

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Hello Community,

I have a doubt regarding SAP IBP Process Management.

A Process Template has 3 steps.

  • Step 1 duration 5 days with 1 task
  • Step 2 duration 5 days with 1 task
  • Step 3 duration 5 days with 1 task

Setting for Automatic Start of Step 2 and 3 is "When all tasks of previous steps are completed"

Now, if the task of step 1 is completed in 2 days and the task is marked as completed in SAP JAM, will the Step 2 be triggered?

Basically will it override the duration setting? And not wait till 5 days to start step 2

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Hi Shekhar,

As Lingaiah mentioned, this is working as the current product design.

If you would like for an additional logic to be added on future product releases, please feel free to send the enhancement idea on the IBP Influence Channel and it will be reviewed by the IBP Product Management team directly:

2479068 - IBP: How to provide enhancement / improvement requests or feedback for Integrated Business Planning product