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SAP IBP planner workspace Clarifications

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Hello gents,

SAP IBP planner workspaces planning view data can it be downloaded to Excel. Planner working on alert based data which are many combinations , they want to analyse and fix the alerts based data.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciaited.


Pradeep Kumar

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Hello pradeepmolugu

to answer your question the simple way its a No. you cant dowload planners workspace in excel. In a planner workspace you can assign web views, analytics and custom alert. Infact in ideal cases planners dont need to go to excel UI for alert based planning.

you can create a web based planning view very similar to your excel planning view. you can create custom alerts and integrate both web view and custom alert in the workspace and planners can check indiviual alerts and accordingly do the required changes in the web view itself.

For details you can go thru my video on planners workspace