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SAP IBP integration with APO for PPDS

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hi, We are planning to implement SAP IBP for DP & SNP processes and intend to use the APO PPDS solution until the S4Hana is implemented.

Can you please advise how best to go about this scenario of integrating the SAP IBP to APO for PPDS functionality only?


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Hi Lokesh,

please consider the following SAP Notes:

3127855 - SAP IBP OD 2205 Release Restriction Note


2971444 - Production Planning Integration of SAP IBP Order-Based Planning with SAP S/4HANA

These notes will inform you, that the Process Integration of APO PPDS with SAP IBP Order-based planning is not supported. Only embedded PPDS on S/4HANA can be integrated with SAP IBP for clearly defined "Process Integration". However "Technical Integration" of SAP APO and SAP IBP Order-based planning works in the sense that an order that is created or changed in SAP IBP Order-based Planning is published to APO PPDS and vice versa. Process Integration, however, is more than that. Most importantly, process integration defines which application has which authorization on which order type in concurrent planning with two planning systems. So a customer who connects APO PPDS to SAP IBP OBP may do it technically after careful testing of their end to end planning scenario, but support requests regarding APO PPDS and IBP Integration cannot be raised as the process is not supported. Technical integration of APO PPDS with SAP IBP OBP for planning areas integrated via SDI (Smart data integration) is available. Technical Integration of APO PPDS with SAP IBP OBP for planning areas integrated via RTI (real-time integration) is on short-term product roadmap.

It is worth looking into Note 2971444. It is very detailed and describes embedded PPDS integration with SAP IBP Order-based planning. By reading it you may also get some ideas about the question what one needs to do if SAP APO is used instead of embedded PPDS.

For integrating SAP IBP Time-series based supply with embedded PPDS we have a consulting note.

Feel free to reach out to me at

Best regards,

Bülent Akin

Product Management, SAP IBP Supply and Response