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SAP IBP Excel logon - WebView issue / long waiting time till login

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Hi community,

since a couple of days we are facing SAP IBP login issues w/in the MS Excel add-in. Usually it does not happen at the beginning of a working day with a freshly opened Excel. However it happens for multiple users after a couple of hours. This can be after auto logout or switching between IBP backend system connections. We observed two different issues related to the login prompt:

  1. The login prompt takes quite long until it has been fully loaded, i.e. one can enter the user credentials
  2. The login prompt starts flickering for round about 10-15s until the error message "Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'webView'."


The MS Edge WebView 2 Runtime Environment version is 123.0.2420.81 and should be the most recent one. Also the IBP Excel Add-in version 2402.03. is pretty much up to date.

Unfortunately it can't be reproduced on demand.
Does anyone else face similar issues?

BR, Peter

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Same here after add-ing upgrade to 2402,infinite loop
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I have same issue.

After upgrade to 2402 add-in many users (and me just now)  are seeing this loop logon issue.

It s not connecting to planning area at all, stuck in loop.


Dear SAP can you investigate?