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SAP IBP Excel add in fixing cells without any background processing

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Hi all,

I’m very new at SAP IBP and i have hopefully a very simple question.

I have template with a few sheets. One of this sheets have a key figure on month/product group level.

On another sheet i use the disaggregation of this key figure for month/product level.. Everything works very good. The key figure is editable and also fixing is possible.

The date on month/product level was edited and saved. If I now fixed the cell on month/product group and do “save data” a background process goes on and changed the data on month/product level. I don’t understand this because I have no other way to fix this cell without saving the data. I could also fixe the cells on month/product level but this cannot be the solution for this. I also found the following documentation without any solution for this.

To fix the cells I use the excel add in.

IBP Version 2002 and Excel add in version 2002.

The solution should be to fix a cell on a higher level that also the key figure on the detail level is fixed without any change of data.

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Hello Ivan,

sorry for this wrong tag.

My problem is like this. I fix the cells on excel:


After "save data" or "simulation" i got the following


Right now i have no possible to lock cells without any automatic background data manipulation from IBP.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Silvio,

Please don't tag the EPM Add-in in addition to these queries as it is not related to EPM, only to IBP on this case.

Regarding the question itself, isn't the behavior you are wondering about the one explained on this other documentation page:

Fixing a Key Figure Value with All of Its Child Values



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Hello Ivan,

sorry but from my point of view is this not the answer.

My problem is that i can fix the cell on a higher level but after I save this (because I have to safe this) the detailed levels where changed by some automatically process. I would except since this moment I fix the cell (and save) no data change is possible.

I also tried to describe this with 2 pictures.

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