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SAP IBP Application Job Scheduling - On a particular day


Hi All,

I want to schedule an application job to run every month on third Wednesday of full week. I don't find a way doing it in the application job template or while scheduling application jobs.

To be specific:

In July full third week's Wednesday is on 22nd

In August full third week's Wednesday is on 19th and so on.

Right now I'm having to manage manually find the day and put a reminder to run on that day. Any suggestions ?



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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Rathin,

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Hi Ajay,

Thanks for your input.

Yes, I explored this. Actually this scheduling option doesn't fit in my requirement. It, basically, will start counting the number of Wednesdays in the month and will run on the 3rd Wednesday. The option you referred will run the job on 15th July, as per my requirement it should be on 22nd. Please do correct me if I'm wrong interpreting your answer.

My requirement is to run the job on the Wednesday of third full week, if any week starts with any day apart from Monday, it is not a full week for the month. Appreciate any other suggestions.

Many Thanks,

Rathin Dam

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



In your case, you have two options.

1- Custom Calendars - Here your need to create a custom calendar with the dates you want to schedule the jobs and refer this calendar while defining the recurrence.

2 - External Job Scheduler - In case you are using any external job scheduler then define the recurrence in the external job scheduler and use the OData call to schedule the job using communication scenario SAP_COM_0064.



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