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SAP EWM RFUI Design Mode in Personas is difficult to use


RFUI Design mode Issues

We are currently at EWM 2023 + Screen Personas version SP18 and using it to design our RF screens.


When we start the RFUI Design mode ( 'Cntrl+Shift+F2' ) to edit some screens, it takes us to some other screen, mostly the first screen number and not the one from which we started the design mode.

Due to this, suppose the screen that we need to modify has a screen number 9018, then we will have to keep traversing to that screen by pressing Next ( 'Cntrl+Shift+F3' ) or Back  ( 'Cntrl+Shift+F4' ) until we reach that screen.

Following are the requested features in the RFUI Design mode to ease out changes:

  1. Starting the RFUI Design mode should start from the screen from which it is called.
  2. Exiting the RFUI Design mode should have a button assigned just like starting the design mode, and not just reloading the screen, so that it is easier to verify the changes.
    Also, exiting from the design mode should take us to the screen we changed and not to the start of the transaction again.
  3. Show the current screen details while traversing the screens, so user knows which screen he is at and is it one which he needs to modify.
  4. A possibility to traverse directly to the screen which needs to be changed.


Screen 0313 



Cntrl+Shift+F2                  RFUI Design Mode

Screen 0110



Cntrl+Shift+F3 ->Next

Screen : 0441



Cntrl+Shift+F3 ->Next

Screen 0505



Refresh Page -> Exit Design Mode

RF Logon Screen 0008


EWM - Radio Frequency 

SAP Screen Personas 

RFUI Design Mode

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the RFUI team has been notified and will discuss the possibility.

Best Regards!