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SAP EWM delivery Return Cancellation

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Dear Colleagues,

A user has created a Return Sales Order against a customer. The Warehouse team created a Delivery using VL01N. The delivery was replicated in EWM successfully. The warehouse tasks were created and confirmed which resulted in the successful update in the inventory in SAP MM.

Now, we are required to cancel the GR as the SO needs to be deleted. however, when opting to execute Return to Vendor scenario for the Posted GR, the system is not allowing to create the OBD for GI.

VL60 returns with the message "No matching objects found".

Please advise how to cancel a Goods Receipt against Return Sales Order.

Thank you,

Yours Truly,

Muhammad Khurram Barakzai

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You can post the RTV through same GR reference. & before RTV please check the BIN location whether HU is available for RTV.