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Sap EWM - BinDepth, BinSection & Bin Subdivision?

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Can someone please explain me what is BinDepth, BinSection & Bin Subdivision?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert


first of all: it is very different things.

BinDepth and BinSection are... the 4th and the 5th dimension, next to Aisle, Stack and Level. Or what I always explain: what do you need if you have a bin where the field BinDepth says "02"? You must have another bin which says 01.

What does it mean.

Imange you have a bin in your shelf and into this  bin you can store 4 Pallets. So the bin looks like this:

And when you putaway a pallet, it is somewhere in this bin. You use a capacity check to control that 4 pallets can be stored. But when the bin is full, you do not know where in this bin an individual pallet is. So if you have 4 different pallets with 4 different material and you sent someone to pick something, he must search for the correct pallet.

Or you do the following: you have 4 bins:

Each pallet is administrated individually. So when you putaway a pallet, you know in which bin it is.

Bin Subdivision: (actually it also says "bin sectioning" on the display of a bin) This is being used for a dynamic segmentation of a bin to accommodate different numbers of HUs, depending on the HU Type.

This does not know any depth, just how many pallets fit next to each other.

For details see the documentation:Strategy: Pallet Storage (by HU Type) - Putaway and Stock Removal Strategies - SAP Library




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