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SAP EWM Bin to Bin Transfer with Packing

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Hello Experts.

We have configured EWM with Handling Unit (HU). The Bin does not allow more than one HU as per the configuration.

Now, when moving material from one bin to another using /scwm/adhu, a bin was selected where existed an HU with exactly the same material and batch. The system packed the source HU into the Destination HU.

Physically this is not possible as the volume occupied by both the HUs combined cannot be kept in the same bin.

The Status on the monitoring report before the Warehouse Task is as follows (Source and Destination Bins Highlighted):

The Status on the monitoring report After the Warehouse Task is as follows, (Destination Bin Highlighted):

The quantity of material in bin A-1-36 is now added in bin A-1-03 and the net total stock is shown in bin A-1-03

As for the HU, following is the status:

Where the destination HU 1000198503 has a nested HU 1000198496 in it and the quantities are shown against each HU.

The system has packed the source HU into the existing HU at the destination bin. The quantity is updated as a whole and both parent and child HUs are kept in the same Bin.

Given the operations, we need to put a hard stop on it.

How to achieve it?

Can you please provide us with some guidelines?

Thank you,

Muhammad Khurram Barakzai

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Hello Nataliya,

Thank you for your response. I have been testing multiple scenarios and have identified some variations that will help in addressing the issue at hand.

Basic problem is that the system is allowing to pack the HU while carrying out Bin to Bin transfer. However, since the capacity of bin is to handle, say, 30 cartons, the additional cartons are added on top of it. This is physically impossible to handle.

To address this issue, I have implemented the volume based control on the inventory stock. This allows the system to restrict the addition of additional HU's if the user attempts to post more stock in the existing warehouse bin. However, to achieve this, master data is required to be maintained in the system for the limits on Max volume allowed on a pallet and the volume of each base unit of the material.

In Summary, with this solution implemented, the system shall now check on the following parameters:

1. Material

2. Batch

3. Pallet Capacity in Weight

4. Pallet Capacity in Volume

If any of the above mentioned criteria is failed, the system will automatically reject the movement of the material.

However, if all of the above criteria is met, the system will allow the material to be packed as child HU in an existing HU. So need to work on how to stop this all together.

Recommendations are welcome.


Muhammad Khurram Barakzai