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SAP EWM Advanced Production Integration : Goods receipt from Production

Hi Experts,

I have a question regarding the "goods receipt from the production" in S4HANA 1909. I have created and released the process order, did the staging and goods consumption. Now I am doing Goods Receipt from Production by RFUI. When I do a Goods receipt by process order using RF gun and create an HU, system automatically creates Inbound delivery for doing goods receipt. I just want to know if this is standard behavior?

Kind Regards,

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Sometimes business need to process goods receipt with reference to inbound delivery because of inbound can be taken into reference considerations of warehouse management processes further to move HU;s from one place to another and Yes this can be mapped through SAP std. way and below are steps can be followed.

1.Create Prco or PO 2. create inbound via GR mat doc 3. create TO 4. confirm TO and make GR with reference to IBD

so while you finish last step you might get the Goods receipt and can be checked into MMBE as well.

Hope it clarifies.