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SAP EM Activity Function/method

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we have been using EM (SCEM 5.1) for awhile now, and we are upgrading it to 9.2. We are using Activity functions and we have created many custom functions before but we want to get away from FM and Function Groups.

So wondering if it is possible to create new activity methods (Custom Methods) and attach it to an activity? If so do we have to enhance the standard class or can we create a new class?

Any information on this would be quite helpful.



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Yes its possible with ABAP Enhancements:

(1) start Class Builder (SE24) for class /SAPTRX/CL_EH_EVENT_MSG_MODEL

    in display mode

(2) The "Methods" tab appears

(3) Select menu function "Class  >Enhance"

(4) The "Create Enhancement Implementation" popup appears;

    create an enhancement implementation here

(5) after creating it you come back to the "Methods" tab, but now you

are in mode "Enhance class "

(6) scroll down to the end of the methods list; here you can add a

  new method now ...

  That new method will be automatically connected to

  your enhancement impelmentation (you can see that in column

  "Enhancement implementation")

If you search this forum you should find further discussions.

Best regards,


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Thanks Steffen

It works.

Thanks again.