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SAP Client for Windows CE

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I need to run SAP on mobile handheld computer - model - Motorola MC3090K. Is there a thin SAP client available? If not, what do I need to do.

I am going to use the mobile computer for inventory management application.



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Dear Anu

Generally SAP thansaction on mobile devices run through web console/sap console feature of SAP. You need a browser in the mobile device.


1 pc with SAP connection , with IIS server and SAP web console installed in it.

1 mobile device configured in the same network that of SAP system.

The mobile device should be connected to the sap network.Now on a SAP pc you need to install the SAP web console.This is done while installing the SAP frontend in the system. once it is installed you will find this in the control panel of the pc. Now using the IIS server yopu need to create a virtual directory in the system and name it.In this virtual directory include the SAP web console through the browse option.Once this is done restart the virtual directory by right clicking on it.

In the sap console, in control panel give the SAP server details.

once this is done in the pc open a browser and type the following:

http://ip address of the pc/virtual directory's name/ISAPI_SAPCNSL.DLL

Hit go and see whether you get the log on screen in explorer.

If successful your configuration is correct.Close the browser.

Nopw open the browser in the mobile and type in the same url.If the device is properly connected to network you should get the log on here.

Reward if useful!!!