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SAP Asset Manager 2110 - Inventory Manager and Warehouse Manager

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We hope to get your expert advice on one of our client ask related to SAP Asset Manager 2110 – Inventory/Warehouse management as below.

1)We would like to know if below warehouse functions are supported by SAM 2110 out of box solution ?

2)Also our clients SAP system does not have PM module, they just have MM, SD and PP.

So can SAP Asset Manager – Inventory and Warehouse management MDK standard app would work on this system/setup ?

(Provided that we enable all BC sets related to MM, SD and PP for above – But there is no PM module implemented)

Thanks in advance..

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Please also check response to a similar questions

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Additionally Please refer the Configuration Guide on how to configure the Inventory Persona. Help documentation for configuring Persona. The list of Features supported in 2110 is covered in the Product Overview Guide

Below please find the answers for your question

Currently the SAP Asset Manager Inventory Persona does not support Warehouse Management.

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Thanks Chandra, this is great help,
So here we are now clear with Inventory and Warehouse point of view and Warehouse management is not supported currently in SAM.


  1. Any idea if SAP Asset Manager will have Warehouse management in future (in Asset Manager MDK app) ?

2.We still don’t have answer if SAM Inventory Management would work without PM module in backend?

As we plan to use only SAM Inventory Management persona (and backend system has only MM, SD and PP modules in it)