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I am trying to setup SAP ECC SOP Flexible planning process for a manufacturing plant, i am finding it really not so user friendly. The ultimate plan is to come up with a soothed build plan that the manufacturing plant can execute based on forecast from APO DP. The SOP outcome will be fed into LTP process for capacity planning.

On the other hand I am thinking about, using APO

The demand planned forecast values are coming from APO into ECC, which I am using for coming up with my ECC SOP process,

So why not use APO and get the demand planned forecast values in APO DP into my APO SOP planning book and also planning to bring the receipts/requirements/inventory details into APO as well.

The plan is to build a separate planning book in APO for SOP and create required key figures and populate values as needed and run macros to come up eventually with the build plan that I will transfer to ECC LTP module in an inactive mode and do the capacity planning.

Please advise if this overall plan is workable. Again, from a very high level stand point.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It seems like you're quite clear on your requirement and process steps to achieve it.

Yes you can make it happen from APO.

Believe that you've fair knowledge in APO.

Bring in your Sales Histories to APO DP.

Set up your DP environment specific to your requirement

Do the forecasting

Release the demand (PIR) directly to ECC using Transfer Profile SAPAPO/MC8U or using report /sapapo/rel_to_oltp. In ''Data Target" panel fill your inactive version.

When the forecast is being released to ECC it will delete the prior forecast first on that particular version and then copy the new fcst.

Check the PIR in ECC

Do your MRP and Capacity Planning.

Hope this helps

Answer for your question, yes your requirement is quite feasible

Just my thoughts


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