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Sales Orders not visible in /SAPAPO/SDP94 which is present in Product View?

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In Product View: /SAPAPO/RRP3 : we are able to see some Sales Order for the last month.

But when we load the Prod-Loc in Interactive Supply Network Planning [/SAPAPO/SDP94] : the Sales Order Quantity are not getting reflected in Initial Column [as they are for the last Month] against Sales Order KF.

Plz give some inputs.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check the Category Group assignment for the Sales Order keyfigure for your SNP Planning Area. Check if the correct Order Category and Qty Typ (Requested, Original or Confirmed etc.) maintained matches with the past due Sales Order.

Is it a Sales Order or Delivery that you are seeing in Product View? Delivery is BR category and included in Category Group D11 which is assigned to Sales Order keyfigure in Planning Area.



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Hi Somnath,

Thanks for your reply.

Its a Sales Order only. And we have the Category Groups assignment.

It is as below:

<b><b>CatGrp: ATI

Cat: BM [Sales Order]

QtyType: 01 [Requested Quantity]</b></b>

And in the same PA, PB and DV but for the other Prod-Loc combination we are able to see past sales orders in Initial against Sales Order KF.

Please suggest.

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