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Sales Orders not getting transferred to APO from ECC

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Hi to all.

We have following issue:

We have integration model for sales orders.

Generation and activation went well all statuses are "green".

But we cannot see sales orders in APO.

When I go to CCR transaction there are also no info about sales orders so I mean all fields consist only zeroes so even no info about errors and total number of sales orders also zero.

Also I must admit that there are no issues with Purch. Reqs/Purch.Orders and Stocks - everything is APO and visible in interactive book/rrp/ccr transactions.

What can be the root cause of this issue?

Thanks, Andrey.

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Hello to all, thanks for answers! Problem was in a availibilty check mode: initially it was 01 Daily Reqs., then I've changed it to 02 Individ. reqs. and everything went well...As I'm not an expert in SD or GATP can someone tell me why it was so..?

Thanks, Andrey.

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Hi Andrey,

It happens because with 01 requirements are transferred at day level, and with 02 every individual requirement is transferred immediately.

Its great that your issue is resolved /