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sales order rejected in ECC does not reflect in APO

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Hi Friends,

We are working on ECC6 and APO7.0 for a paper mill- IS Mill functionality. We have MTO ATP with block planning and a exernal trim application. The sales order is rejected in ECC but did not reflect in APO. This has not appeared in daily CCR monitoring also. The order is trimmed, i.e planned for production. I dont see the rejection in APO table: /SAPAPO/SD_DOC Beow are the sequence of events:

-Order rejected 3/25

-Sales order 42678-20 had planned order 587645.

-Planned order 587645 is part of the enquee 4487 that was downloaded to trim on 4/4. Well after the rejection.

Please guide me if there is any way to prevent such occurences, leading to unnecessary planning, blocking of capacities.

Thanks in advance.


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I haven't worked with SCM when linked to IS_MILL, so I am not speaking from experience. However, I have worked with SCM and ERP Baseline, so I will be speaking from this perspective.

You didn't mention how your GATP is configured, and what planning modules you have implemented in SCM. These facts definitely can have an impact on the supply elements (planned or production orders), and what should/should not happen to these supply orders.

You also didn't mention what indicated to you that the Sales order is inconsistent between the two system. FYI just looking at tables is not a definitive method. The most important bits of information lie in LiveCache.

I don't know what is meant by "Planned order 587645 is part of the enquee 4487 ", so I will assume it is some customized interface, and I will ignore this statement for the moment.

So, I will just make a couple of suggestions as a starting point. If the sales order is actually rejected, it should not appear in R/3 MD04. Does it? If so, run program SDRQCR21 in R/3. The inconsistent order should then disappear from MD04.

If MD04 does not show the sales order (as it shouldn't), but /SAPAPO/RRP3 does show the sales order, then run program /SAPAPO/SDRQCR21 in SCM.

If neither MD04 not //RRP3 currently shows the sales order, then please tell me why you think there is a problem.

Best Regards,