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Safety Stock MZ calculation

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Does safety stock method MZ uses the same formula as SZ? I believe only the difference between two is where do we maintain safety day's supply.

Formula for SZ and MZ: (Total demand in bucket/no of work days in bucket)*Safety Day's supply.

But I am not getting safety stock result as per above formula. PS screen shot below;


Looks like macro is just doing bucket wise cumulative sum in backward direction. Macro steps are same as SSP book.

Any clue where i am doing mistake? Also where can i find the macro calculation formula? If you see above macro steps, it's just a list of rows and doesn't explain where is multiplication or division?

Appreciate it.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please refer SAP KBA 1960757 Safety stock based on safety days' supply is incorrectly calculated

Normally, as in the standard SNP planning book, the key figure 'Workdays' is an auxiliary key figure. Imporing macro with auxiliary key figure to another data view may mess up the index of auxiliary key figures in the target data view (see SAP KBA 1805579), which causes the auxiliary key figure acting as macro function SAFETY_CALC()'s last parameter incorrectly filled. Normally, as in the standard SNP planning book, the macro that calculates the key figure 'Workdays' is assigned only to 'Start' group. When there is a customizing macro with property 'Do Not Initialize Auxiliary Table' unticked is set to default group, the key figure 'Workdays' will get cleard when the customizing macro is executed, which causes the safety stock incorrectly calculated when the next time macro function SAFETY_CALC() is executed

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