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S4 Crossdocking Process its not determine the process type properly at EWM System

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evidence-error.pngDears experts,

I’m trying customizing Merchandise Distribution Cross-docking and the S4 it’s not sending the method PUSH to EWM System, because of this the EWM System itsn’t determining properly the wharehouse process type.

See bellow the my purchase is create correct as a crossdocking process.

When S4 distributed the inbound delivery to EWM , I didn’t know why but the system didn’t find the correct process type

See at inbound delivery the field Mer Dist Proc is blank.

Do you know how I can make this customizing to able this process at EWM System?

The S4 system the purchase was created properly as a Allocation Table , but I don’t know why S4 system no send the process correct to EWM.

Customizing of Process Type is Correct at EWM side.

Look bellow the customizing of Cross-docking process that system itsn’t finding at determine the process type.

Now look my purchase order at S4 is determine as Crossdocking Process.

Thanks for any tips ..


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Any suggestions? I do have the same issue. Thanks in advance.