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Runtime Error GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED when generate Database

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Hi SEM-BCS Colleagues,

We are activating the SEM-BCS. The release is 600, Package SAPKGS6016.

I create the data base and the consolidation area, then we include the characteristic 0GL_ACCOUNT as attribute of 0CS_ITEM, then I go to consolidation workbench run the synchronization of the database and had the run time error:

Have any of you faced similar problem and help me please?


Date and Time 28.07.2010 11:41:28

Short text

Field symbol has not yet been assigned.

What happened?

Error in the ABAP Application Program

The current ABAP program "CL_UG_MD_FIELD_LOCAL_METADATA=CP" had to be terminated because it has come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.

Error analysis

You attempted to access an unassigned field symbol (data segment 32778).

This error may occur if

- You address a typed field symbol before it has been set with ASSIGN

- You address a field symbol that pointed to the line of an internal table that was deleted

- You address a field symbol that was previously reset using UNASSIGN or that pointed to a local field that no longer exists

- You address a global function interface, although the respective function module is not active - that is, is not in the list of active calls. The list of active calls can be taken from this short dump.

Trigger Location of Runtime Error



Row 126

Module type (METHOD)


Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is suggested you execute the databasis synchronization program via t-code UGWBCM. This must generally be done when BCS objects are modified in BW, such as the addition of an attribute.

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Dear Dan,

Thanks for your answer. I tried to generate by the transaction UGWBCM but I had the same error.

Have you any other suggestions to solve the problem?


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The only suggestion that comes to mind is to search SAP Notes for a solution. If none is found it may be necessary to open a customer message with SAP.

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