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Role Authorization: Relationship Between Movement Type and Storage Location

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Hey experts,

I am new in SAP and I need help in understanding the following Role Authorization:


Based on my understanding,

(1) In terms of Goods Movements: Movement Type, the user's ability to Create and Change is limited to only MvT 201-202, 261-262, 309-310, 311-312.

(2) In terms of Goods Movements: Storage Location, the user is only limited to carry out transaction within WS02 SLoc, which is limited to MvT 261, 262, 501, 502 for Plant 1000, 5000.

Please help me to understand the overall relationship for this role. What is the effect of the second branch of Goods Movement: Movement Type, whereby the Activity is Create and Display for * (all)? Does this mean that the user is still able to create transactions for all MvT? Is my understanding of (1) no longer applicable?



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The second branch M_MSEG_LGO object is relevant only if the storage location level authorization control is activated in OLMB-Authorization Management-Authorization Check for Storage Locations. If its activated for an Sloc in config, when the user is doing any goods movement in the storage location, system will trigger the auth check with relevant sloc & movement types. You may refer the node documentation in the config which explains in detail.