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Risks of changing an attribute to Mandatory and using Tight Coupling for Planning Objects


Hi gurus

We are running IBP SOP.

In order to improve and better control the creation of planning objects and enforce a more rigorous master data control, I have been considering making some attributes mandatory (e.g. Customer Source Ratio). I would also like to use the Tight Coupling for Planning Objects feature in Edit Planning Level to create and delete Planning Objects. My question is whether there are any additional measures and/or consequences of doing this, and whether this decision should be made at the beginning of a project or at any point during its lifespan.

I read that Tight Coupling for Planning Objects is only available for Order Based. But, if we have SOP and enable it would it still work?

It would be appreciated if you could provide me with comments and/or recommendations/advice on this matter

Thanks in advance

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I went ahead and make changes to Master Data and made 3 attributes as Mandatory. Doing more reading in SAP I guess it answered my question (no issues). Still after having made the changes and running the Non Conforming Purge job the system did not delete any of the +35K Planning Objects it should have. I had to create an incident with SAP as to why the job didnt worked as expected and/or what did I do wrong that the job didnt worked.