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Returnable Packaging Material Scenario with respect to EWM Outbound

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Please help me with with Returnable Packaging Material Scenario with respect to EWM. I am configuring for the first time.

Not sure what is the SAP standard recommended process as in for EWM there is no node for this topic.

Below two scenario which I am thinking of.
1) While Outbound Delivery creation in VL01n, there are 2 items. First item is the actual product which needs to be send to customer with item category TAN and Second item is the packaging item which has item category TAL and Item category group is LEIH. On EWM side TAN is mapped to ODLV and I am not sure about TAL assignment to EWM item type. I also tried to search standard BC Set for the scenario but nothing found. I tried to map TAL with OPHU to just give a try but it give some error in SMQ2. Even though there is any Standard item type mapping to TAL, but still thinking how EWM would behave in packing stage as the it needs to be used for packing the main product.

2) While Outbound Delivery creation in VL01n, their is only 1 item where only the actual product which needs to be send to customer with item category TAN. No Second item for packaging material. EWM receives the actual product to be delivered. While packing, the product is packed in returnable packaging material(here I can use Pack Spec). This packaging material is a Qty update also possibly with Serial number for tracking purpose.
For receiving back RPM, is the return sales order for the same is created automatically?

If there is any other recommended way then please do share.

I know SAP has some addon on Returnable packaging management which can be bought with some fee. I don't want to go to that route.


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the first option is not where you want to go. Because you do not only want an item, but you want to pack. And you can not pack in the ERP delivery, you need to pack in EWM.

So option 2 is correct. How the automatic creation of items for packaging materials is done, is described here: So there is something in EWM - but this is not about RETURNABLE packaging material. Because what happens after shipping, is not an EWM question, that you have to figure out in ERP. All the questions how much did your ship / receive / etc. has to be solved there. There are different things for that, in MM and SD, not sure what the addon is you describe (and if there really is a way around).



P.S: but if the whole thing works with pack mats with a serial number: no idea.

All the above is no official SAP statement.

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And it is EWM. NOT eWM - Duh!
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Thank you Juergen for your response.

I was able to make it work. Thanks.