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Restriction on sending planned orders to SAP R/3

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Dear all,

can anybody explain me the details as how can i control the transfer of transcation data to SAP R/3 either by timeline, or by PPDS production or SNP production horizon.

Scenario: We are planning cycle for 1 year where in we use 6 months consensus plan and 6 months annual business plan. now from management for business procurement is allowed only for 3 months, and want to control of transfer of transcation data to SAP R/3.

As my requirement is i need to send only the transcation data of 3 months only for execution. i.e. Transcation data with startdate comes within 3 months should only be transfered to SAP R/3.So that only purchase requisitions with in 3 months will be utilised and not of all year.

In short need a control on use of Pur. Req. being utilised.

Early reply will much more helpful.

Amol Chavan

I dont know it will clear my problem, suggestions on this greatly appericiated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Amol,

Try this.

1. SPRO >> APO >> Supply Chain Planning >> PPDS >> Global Parameters and Default Values

For Transfer to R/3 External Procurement - select "Do not creates Transfer Events"

Now Purchase Reqs will not automatically transfer to R/3 from APO.

2. Use txn /SAPAPO/RRP7 - Mass conversion / Transfer of Orders

Put in appropriate selection criteria and transfer for particular date range.

You may need to enhance this report to only list purchase Reqs that fall within PPDS / SNP Production Horizon.

Hope this helps.


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Dear Somnath,

Thank You for reply..

Is it limited by only production horizaon only, or can be limited by time period basis regardless of production horizon (PP, SNP). Can you elaborate some details..

Thanking you again,

Amol Chavan

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In transaction /SAPAPO/RRP7 you have fields Offset for Opening Period and Start Date (Instead of Opening Period).

The Opening Period is a field in the Location-Product Master (PPDS tab) which can be set based on the Products PP or SNP Horizon values.

As a result when you carry out conversion based on a certain Offset for Opening Period - for different products different horizon gets considered for selecting order for conversion.

F1 help for Offset for Opening Period mentions:

Number of calendar days by which the opening period for conversion should be increased.

The system uses the opening period to calculate the scheduled opening date for a planned order or for a purchase requisition. Using the conversion report, you can only transfer or convert a planned order or a purchase requisition if the opening date is on the current date, or if the opening date has passed (that is, is in the past).

On the other hand Start Date (Instead of Opening Period) disregards the Opening Period set in Product Master and considers the horizon as mentioned in Start Date range.

Hope this clarifies.


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