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restriction in planning book

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Hi Experts,

how can i restrict the users for a particular resp.subregion/location.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Naga,

Based on my past experience on similar requirement. I suggest following solution -

1. Create a new security role
2. Create Z Authorization Object Z:SUBREGION in which add the required characteristics(subregion and location) as a Organization or Selection criteria for check.

3. Then implement the BAdi /SAPAPO/SDP_SELECTOR for restriction on Loading of data in your planning Book based on SubRegion and Location.

The planning Book Selection BAdi /SAPAPO/SDP_SELECTOR can be used for coding the authorization check against SubRegion/Location codes. The code will checks the Z: SUBREGION Object in the Role profile of the user and the value of (subregion and location) Code maintained in it. For all combination being loaded in Selection Id, It validates the (subregion and location) as maintained against the role authorization. Material belonging to different (subregion and location) other than what the user is authorized to are filtered out from the Selection List, only authorized combinations will be displayed in the selection window.  

Also Make sure you do not run these kind of BAdi authorization check for your background user otherwise it will slow down batch performance. In your ABAP code you can check like IF NOT BATCH USER THEN ONLY DO "Execute Authorization Check".

Besides if you want to do similar check for Product Master, then you can do using Product Master Authorization check BAdi /SAPAPO/MD_CHK_AUTH to code authorization check for /SAPAPO/MAT1 transaction.

Hope this will help.

Thank you

Satish Waghmare

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Hi Naga,

You can create the selection profile with the specific Sub regions and locations and assign the same to the various planners to their planning books using /SAPAPO/MC77..this way they will be able to access/work on the CVCs based on these sub regions/locations, if you do not want your planners change their selections then you can use the procedure explained by Datta..

You can automate the an example in one of my previous projects we had forecast planner as the characteristic and we used to have this populated from BW, when the CVCs were created based on the info cube..

Hope this helps..

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Hi Naga,

Please refer to SDN thread, there is a mention of authorization object and also one BADi.

I hope this will help you.