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Resource capacity evaluation

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Dear SNP and PP experts,

I am trying to sink in the criteria for evaluating resource capacity as explained in I read it thrice but I am unable to absorb it in my little mind why such an elaborate criteria for evaluating resource capacity ?

I shall much appreciate if someone can kindly explain in simple words or direct me some internet resource/ expert blog if one exists (couldn't  land one incl on resp. sdn forum wikis) that explains the SAP's intentened logic of capacity evaluation of resource when there are multiple capacity variants, capacity profiles, reference resources

I somehow managed to visualize a telescopic nature of 'search' criteria (as is common in several other programs in SAP)  but I could not gather the science behind this cryptic capacity evaluation logic. I would resist at this point of time to conclude that it could have been simpler.

Also please help understand why do we need a capacity profile when there are 99 capacity variants possible !

Many Thanks


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Capacity variant specifies the possible available capacity of a resource. Capacity variants are designated by a number in the range '01' to '99'. Before you can define a capacity variant, you must create the relevant number in transaction /SAPAPO/RES01 (Current Settings -> Capacity Variants). You can define up to 99 capacity variants for a resource and these may refer to different criteria, such as the resource capacity, factory calendar, shift sequence or validity period, for example. The capacity variants for a resource are maintained in line with the planning version in transaction /SAPAPO/RES01 .

One of the capacity variants of a resource can be defined as an active variant and then it shows the available capacity of the resource which is relevant for planning. If no active variant is defined, the standard capacity or external capacity of the resource is used.

Capacity profile enables you to maintain supply details for shifts and intervals, and have the following advantages over capacity variants:

  • Among other things, you can make changes to times and the rate of resource utilization without having to maintain a new shift or interval. You can see the day to which these changes refer.
  • The changes refer only to the selected resource, and not to any number of resources.

Please refer the below link for more details,